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  • Where are you based?
    I live in Kongens Lyngby near Copenhagen, but photograph all over the country.
  • When will the photographer arrive?
    I arrive 30 minutes before the wedding starts, unless otherwise agreed. If, for example, photos are to be taken of the bride's or groom's preparations before the wedding, I arrive earlier.
  • Where do we take the wedding portraits?
    The couple photos of the bride and groom are taken at a location chosen by the bride and groom themselves. Be aware that it is always good to have a location that also offers some shade - for example under a tree, a half-roof or close to/in a forest. This is especially important in summer, when the sun can be very sharp in the eyes and cast harsh shadows.
  • How long does it take to take the wedding portraits?
    I would recommend that you set aside between 25 and 40 minutes for photographing the bride and groom. This does not include the time it takes to get to and from the selected location.
  • How the images are selected
    Unless you want to select the mood pictures yourself, I will do it for you. All the wedding portraits are easily edited and uploaded to an online gallery, from which you select which ones you would like delivered. The selected wedding portraits are post-edited in the style you see here on the website.
  • Other photographers provide more photos than you?
    Okay, no one actually asked me about this. I've noticed it myself, and think it's worthy of an explanation: It is correct that some photographers deliver 2 to 3 times as many images as I do. Some even provide all photos taken unedited as well. I put a lot of energy and a lot of time into fine-tuning the editing of every single image I deliver. It can easily become perfectionist for me and I'm never satisfied with a mediocre edit. Therefore, I think I spend more time on editing than most photographers, and this is reflected in the number of images in sheep. Fewer, but better. I myself am proud and satisfied with the pictures you get, and I don't think I would be able to vouch for my product in the same way if I had to triple the number of pictures. I do not deliver unedited images, as I, as a photographer (now this is getting a bit technical), shoot in the .RAW file format. .RAW gives me a huge amount of editing freedom, but it also makes the images look really boring straight out of the camera. In addition, the file format cannot be read without a special program (eg Lightroom). Among other things. therefore I don't think it makes sense for you as customers to receive all images unedited against my prices being higher.
  • How are the images delivered?
    The images are delivered digitally in full resolution in an online gallery. If you prefer to have the pictures delivered in print, this is also an option for an additional price. The prices for prints depend on the size of the print and the material it is printed on. Please contact me if you want to have your photos printed, and then we will find out the prices for this.
  • How long does it take before we get the photos delivered?
    Since all the images go through extensive and careful editing and I am also a student, it usually takes 4-6 weeks before the images are delivered. If you quickly need a small selection of images for e.g. thank you cards or something else, you can always have 10-15 images delivered within the first week. In periods when it is not busy, however, the waiting time can be reduced to 1-2 weeks.
  • Will the images be used here on the website or on social media afterwards?
    I would very much like to show off my work, both here on the website and on my Facebook and Instagram pages, but of course this is only done with your permission and on your terms!
  • Do you only photograph weddings?
    No - I also photograph other big events such as confirmations, birthdays and the like. In addition, I also photograph sports and action - see the sports section on my website by pressing the button below.
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